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Insulation fiber products ceramic and bic soluble (blankets, feit, paper, board)

CERAMIC BLANKETS: We can supply ceramic blankets in two qualities namely. The normal ceramic blanket and the body soluble blanket. The normal Ceramic blanket is available in the temperature range 1260℃ and 1425℃. The body soluble blanket goes up to 1250℃. Both can be delivered in thickness 12mm, 25mm and 50mm. The density is from 96kg/m3 till 128 kg/m3. When you need special shapes we can die-cut the blanket on your specification.

CERAMIC FOAM FILTERS: Are manufactured with porosities from 10 to 60 PPI (pores per inch). The flow rate is from 20 to 690kg/min with a maximum capacity of 45 tons depending on the size of the filter. The MSDS can be requested per mail. The Ceramic Foam Filters are available with a layer of 6mm ceramic blanket from 96kg/m3 till 128 kg/m3 or with 5mm expandable graphite paper.