Tralcon b.v.
Trading & Consultancy

Hensonweg 4
4462 GV Goes
The Netherlands

+31 (0)113 230860
+31 (0)6 19641824


Tralcon's mission is

to improve and optimize the service available for the refractory and high temperature industry.

Tralcon achieve this mission by providing specialized and experienced supervision for construction (including start-up) projects in the industry.

The knowledge and expertise of Tralcon are unique in that these have been gained worldwide in grass root projects and operating plants in the incineration, aluminum and chemical industry (see reference list).
As a result Tralcon provides essential added value and experience which are not normally available within the client's organization.

The core activity of Tralcon is to provide unparalleled quality in procurement, supervision and leading services focused on support of the
refractory and high temperature industry.

Applying Tralcon's knowledge and experience in the organization of the client will result in:

  • Cost saving
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time saving

For Tralcon client satisfaction means that the client experiences the involvement of Tralcon as having obtained additional competitive edge.